Defined Benefit Pension Plan De-risking

We work with pension plan sponsors and administrators to implement de-risking solutions for their traditional defined benefit pension plans.

De-risking takes many forms. The purchase of annuity “buy-in” investments, buy-out annuity policies prior to a plan termination, and liability-driven delegated investment consulting arrangements have been common tools. Other forms of de-risking include merging a defined benefit pension plan with another plan, including a transfer to a multi-employer jointly sponsored pension plan. In other cases, de-risking is achieved through a full pension plan termination/wind-up, an option that is often implemented following de-risking strategies which have resulted in the plan becoming fully funded.

We have experience with all of these measures. We provide our clients with legal and strategic advice on all aspects of a de-risking transaction or a series of possible de-risking solutions to achieve the best outcome.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients’ actuarial consultants and in-house counsel to supplement the consultant’s de-risking expertise with our legal insight, thereby providing seamless advice to our clients.

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